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What PRO Real Estate School students say.....

"I definitely know more about real estate now that I have completed this course!" (Robert)

"Wish the course was longer…so much information to cram in a short time" (Felicia)

"Very good adaptive environment, Instructor is knowledgeable and energetic." (Rosemary)

"Instructor brings the lessons to “life” always fun and a real eye opener." (Brian)

"Really surprised at the amount of new information I learned in a short period of time." (Tom)

"Instructor challenges you to THINK outside the BOX using real life situations." (Pamela)

"Great area. Good class environment for learning. Wish it could last longer." (Sam)

"Great Teacher! Helped me understand by explaining and not much reading the book." (Dan)

"Enjoyed the interaction with other industry professionals – LENDERS, APPRAISERS." (William)

"Wasn’t sure what to expect, learned more than expected. Great instructor." (Tracie)

"Covered everything I expected and more. Amazing how much a Realtor has to know!" (Linda)

"I am more confident now to take the PSI exam than ever before. Good Instructor!" (Brandon)

"Instructor excellent and knowledgeable. Feel I benefitted tremendously from this course!" (Gloria)

"Great and Motivated Teacher! Everything was covered!" (Michael)

"Class schedules were convenient and easy to register. Great Instructor!" (Ruthie)

"Math is not my strong area, but Instructor made it seem easy and fun! Good school." (Theresa)

"Material covered was just what I needed to prepare the exam. Very confident now!" (Danny)

"Instructor shares industries experience which makes the course easier to understand." (Carl)

"Instructor was helpful, available, and always excited in class. Never a dull moment!" (Brenda)

"Material covered was too much! Did not realize real estate was this informative!" (Samantha)

"Considering how much information was covered, Instructor kept information interesting!" (Frank)

"Very confident that I will pass the exam. Instructor provided good material and instruction." (Tyler)

"I did not know there was so much information involved in helping people buy houses." (Bria)

"Every high school graduate should at least take a basic real estate course."  (Eunice)

"Good speakers, good instructors, nice location. I learn how be a good Realtor." (Dianne)

"Very interesting course. Good presentation of information. Never boring! (Cody)

"Excellent. A little out of my way but worth the traveling to PRO Real Estate School." (Patricia)

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